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Do You Need to Get Organized?

Do you keep things you should throw? Could a friend sleep in your guest room? If audited, could you find the 2015 taxes in less than 5 minutes? Items fall out of your kitchen cupboards? Out of space in your “storage” areas? Areas need to be de-cluttered? Unhealthy areas: mold, mildew, fire hazards? Overwhelmed with paperwork? File cabinets “over-loaded”? Recent loss of a loved one?

Benefits of Being Organized

  • A clutter free environment is easier to manage and your stress level drops dramatically.
  • You’ll run your office and home more efficiently. You don’t waste valuable time looking for things. Your day will go as you planned—getting much accomplished.
  • Create a positive self-image! If your office or home is organized, you don’t feel embarrassed to have guests. You take pride in your surroundings, set a great example for your family and present a professional image.
  • Eat better! Having an organized kitchen and knowing where things are leads to better meal planning, shopping and enjoying your kitchen.
  • Healthier environment! No more mold, mildew or fire hazards. No more tripping over items that clutter your space.
  • Save money! When you know what you have, you don’t buy a second one. You can plan ahead for your purchases, usually finding them on sale.
  • Become more efficient and productive! When you create order and structure you eliminate chaos. Once you set up a system that works for you, your lifestyle, your needs and your dreams—everything— runs smoother.

Organizing Tips

  • A master suite can be your haven. Take out items that do not belong. Clear out your closets; most people wear 10% of their wardrobe 90% of the time. If storage space is an issue, it may be time to purge items.
  • Donate: “Let go”! Give to others less fortunate. Other options are auctions, E-bay sales, and garage sales.
  • Use baskets, bowls, boxes and other items for storage containers. If you do need to purchase items, first check at second hand shops. If purchasing storage tubs, measure the area first & buy see-through containers. Color-coding is good. Label. Label. Label.
  • Every gift need not be kept forever. Re-gift, or perhaps take your picture with the item, then let it go.
  • Have electronics or anything that is plugged-in you no longer use? Recycle or sell them.
  • Say No! to junk mail and unwanted catalogs! An average of 675 pieces of junk mail end up in every mailbox each year; that’s 4 million tons nationwide. That saves you sorting time AND helps our environment.
  • Sort your mail daily. Recycle “junk” immediately. Highlight due dates on bills. Sort mail into file folders or develop another system that works for you.
  • Organize one thing or area at a time. Set a timer, if it buzzes before you are finished determine if you want to keep going or take a break. Visualize the end result before starting. This will help you focus on what you want to achieve.
  • Master your minutes. Utilize small blocks of time. Consider what can be accomplished in ten minutes. Organize a drawer, clean out your wallet, make a phone call, sort your mail and more……

Hire a Professional Organizer

Professional Organizers provide information, products and assistance to help others organize to meet their needs. A professional organizer guides, encourages and educates clients about basic principles of organizing by offering support, focus and direction. Professional Organizers help to organize everything from paper flow to desktops, from bookshelves to closets, from garages to new homes and more.

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