Don't Send Flowers....Send Help!

Is your wife too busy carpooling children to get her life organized?
Does your mother keep saying that she needs to clear out the clutter and have a garage sale, but can't seem to get around to it?
Does your secretary not have enough hours in the day to handle the small, every day tasks that are needed to keep a business running efficiently?
Well, don’t send her flowers for her birthday, mother’s day, or secretary’s day...Send her Help! Hire Tempa, your temporary personal assistant, to help get those things done that no one seems to ever get to.
Tempa’s services are designed to make life easier from the mundane to the confidential; accomplishing tasks in your business life, personal life, or both. Tempa can assist you in managing your life by being problem solvers, doing errands, waiting for deliveries, organizing your home, acting as a personal shopper, party planning, doing research and much more.
Tempa will take the time to discover what you need, how much of it you need, and bring it to your door when you need it. That is the personalized service and efficiency you will appreciate so much about Tempa.

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